Please, speak easy

Keep it classy and a little sassy

We are a no phone zone – seriously! So, get with the program and only use WhatsApp

Our libations are labour intensive to prepare, please be patient

Those wishing to run a tab should go to our credit manager Helen Waite, her office is accessible from outside the bar at number 666

Leave your attitude at the door

Talk of politics is forbidden

No hanging around in the street outside, it pisses off the neighbours who don’t know the password

When the barkeeper says you’ve had enough, you have!

Finally, please don’t ask for anything that includes an energy drink or the word “bomb”- that way you won’t be offended when evicted


Shenanigans’ Speakeasy is all about your experience and we want that experience to be inclusive, one that lingers on, long after the night is over.  A secret hideaway that, once found, brings a knowing smile to your lips as you recall exquisite tastes imbibed in a unique and heady environment. Long magical nights that memories are made of. Drinking such cocktails maybe easy, making them is an art.  As dawn rises each day our intrepid alchemists scour the markets to source the freshest produce. Later the fruits are squeezed by hand, so our juices are at their peak when served to you. Other more secretive ingredients find their way into our infusions, syrups and tinctures which are also crafted in-house. Every detail carefully choreographed to give rise to the magic of the night.

Decompress after work, have a pre-dinner rendezvous, chill out in a relaxed evening hideaway or indulge in late night cocktail elegance Shenanigan’s Speakeasy is here for your pleasure…if you can find us!

We cordially invite you to join us at Shenanigans’ Speakeasy and look forward to welcoming you to our world. To get a seat at the bar or a table with friends confirm the location and find the password hidden in plain sight.

You only live once, but as the saying goes, if you do it right and live it large, once is enough. Join us Wednesday to Sunday from 7pm til late and make time for to sample tantalising, handmade cocktails served to you by our Masters of the Mix.